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Review of pureWOD BUILD

Author: Dr. Tyler J Tonso, DC


Alright, so time for our review of pureWOD BUILD. This is basically a follow-up to our review of pureWOD PRE which you should check out as well. It’s amazing stuff which is why I decided to try out their protein supplement.

I’ve tried several protein supplements over the years but have pretty much been stuck on Optimum Nutrition for both their whey and casein protein. Why? Well, basically the taste and ease of swallowing. Some of those other proteins are just like cake batter and there’s no way I could handle it. I’m always interested in trying to find a better alternative so I decided to try pureWOD BUILD and here’s what I think…




The first thing that stands out to me is the word “beef”. Seems a little weird but I guess what’s better protein than actual meat. pureWOD explains how BUILD contains collagen, gelatin, and micronutrients actually from non-GMO pure beef isolate. What’s the significance of isolate? Isolate basically tells us there is pure protein and not a bunch of other additives, such as with protein concentrates. The only other ingredients are cocoa powder and stevia, obviously for taste. The bag also states it has no dairy, gluten, soy, artificial flavors, fillers, hormones, or antibiotics. Have to love that since it seems it’s so hard to find anything anymore that doesn’t have so many other additives or unbeneficial ingredients. This seems to be the mantra with pureWOD as their PRE supplement was the same way. It also has 24g of protein which falls within the typical range.

The Look

Basically looks like any other protein powder. I mixed mine in a typical shaker bottle and it mixed with ease after shaking for 15 seconds.


I was a little taken back at first because I’m so used to the sweetness of my Optimum Nutrition protein where it tastes like eating a candy bar. The chocolate flavor is milder than most other protein drinks and not overbearingly sweet. Almost has more of a dark chocolate flavor. Despite saying “beef isolate” it doesn’t taste like beef at all, which I was a little worried about. I didn’t notice any abnormal reaction during or after the workout which is usually unnatural to have from proteins anyways. I wouldn’t expect most people to have an unnatural reaction due to the lack of dairy and other additives as well.

Bottom Line

After using pureWOD pre for quite some time now I was excited to try their new protein supplement. It didn’t disappoint and it’s another example of a supplement geared more towards health rather than pure taste. There are no unneeded ingredients or additives and with the good taste I’ve even been using it as an occasional meal replacement in the mornings when I’m on the run. Don’t forget our negotiated affiliate price discount with code “PUREPUMP10″ to get 10% off. If you want to learn more about the product yourself then visit

*Before using any supplement it’s important to consult with a medical provider and this article should not be misinterpreted as advising people to consume the product without getting further information to evaluate if it is safe for them to consume.

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