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Review of pureWOD PRE

Pre-workout Supplements

If you’re like me you’ve tried several different pre-workout drinks to get that extra edge over the years. A lot of them give you that edge you’re looking for but often seem to have those side effects that we don’t quite want. Feeling jittery, restless, bloated, and even having an upset stomach during the workout are almost expected side effects it seems. I’ve tried Jacked, NO Explode, Assault, and random other pills and powders over the years. As a chiropractor, I continually look for supplements that can help my workout but also aren’t filled with random extra chemicals. Finally, I found the preworkout supplement that seems to help in all areas of working out without making me regret consuming it 30 minutes later.


pureWODThe guts of what I’m interested in. With looking at the label and reading the specifics on their website ingredients you can’t help but like the blend of research with healthy ingredients. Creatine, beta-alanine, BCAA’s, arginine, L-carnitine are all included and are essentially what I’m looking for in a good pre-workout supplement. The addition of coconut water for electrolytes and the herb rhodiola rosea are interesting add-ons that I wouldn’t necessarily think of off the top of my head for a pre-workout supplement but actually make a lot of sense. Then of course the caffeine as with most pre-workout supplements, the fact that it’s from the healthier form of caffeine from green tea extract is a plus. 200mg is equivalent to about 2 cups of coffee which should give you some good energy but not be overbearing. After reading on their website I also noticed they don’t use any binding agents or fillers which doesn’t seem like you can find in most pre-workout supplements. Overall, the ingredient list looks top notch and doesn’t have any unnecessary chemical s that are going to counteract my whole point of working out.

The Look

The initial look of the drink is almost that of a normal creatine powder. White powder, with some off colors but no florescent red or blue like many other supplements have that make it feel like I’m drinking an array of random chemicals I don’t know about and can’t pronounce. There’s actually no fizziness after stirring which is completely different from my NO Explode I took as a pre-workout supplement recently.


Definitely tastes like a mild berry tea flavor. There’s a little bit of an after taste bitterness but I noticed after using this supplement for 3-4 days I didn’t notice this as much and quite enjoyed the mild tea flavor. There’s not an overbearing sugary flavor which is likely the result of the supplement actually being geared towards being a healthy supplement and not great tasting drink. It was also nice not having to drink a bunch of fizzed foam that made me bloated.


Before the workout I felt a mild tingle the first couple times after taking the supplement. The website states this is a result of the beta-alanine and should go away after taking it 1-2 weeks. While I noticed I had a little more energy I didn’t have that jittery feeling where I better sprint a mile to cool down. Both before and during the workout I didn’t feel bloated whatsoever which I relate to the drink not being fizzy at all and going down like water. I also didn’t get an upset stomach at all. During the workout I noticed I had a good amount of energy and was able to pump through sets as with other pre-workout supplements.

Bottom Line

Overall I think this supplement is exactly what I’m looking for. I get the same energy as with other pre-workout supplements but don’t get the nasty side effects of feeling jittery or bloated. I like knowing the ingredients are limited to exactly what I need and don’t add unneeded sugar, chemicals, and fillers. In fact I liked it so much I contacted the company and have negotiated an affiliate price for my patients which gives them 10% off. If you’re interested in trying some ask me about it to see if it’s right for you. If thinking of purchasing then be sure to click on our affiliate code PUREPUMP10, and be sure to use it to receive 10% off your order. If you want to learn more about the product yourself then visit

*Before using any supplement it’s important to consult with a medical provider and this article should not be misinterpreted as advising people to consume the product without getting further information to evaluate if it is safe for them to consume.

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